Organizer of the Second International Print Biennale, Yerevan 2019, Foundation KulturDialog Armenien is honoured to publish the results of the biennales contest:

On September 10th, 2019, the international jury of the Second International Print Biennale, Yerevan 2019 has awarded a Grand Prix, a First Prize, a Second Prize, a Third Prize, a Special Prizes by “Hayastan – All Armenian Fund”, “Russian Scientific and Cultural Center and 10 „ Honorable Mention “) to the following artists:

Grand Prix
“Gaze toward the light-2” 2017

First Prize – Premier Prix – Erster Preis:
“2 a.m.” 2017

Second Prize – Deuxième Prix – Zweiter Preis:
“Genesis VI for astrophysicists” 2018

Third Prize – Troisième Prix – Dritter Preis:
“Gender bending” 2018

Honorable Mention (in alphabetical order) –

Mentions Honorables (par ordre alphabétique) –

Ehrenauszeichnungen (in alphabetischer Reihenfolge):

Tingting Chen (China)

Tracy Templeton (USA)

Saeedeh Golriz (Iran)

Jiang Siwei Jiang (China)

Toomas Kuusing (Estonia)

Oliver Pilić (Slovenia)

Wai Wong (Hong Kong)

Akawat Deeto (Thailand)

Brandie Grogan (USA)

Meri Andreasyan (Armenia)

Special Prize by “Hayastan – All Armenian Fund”
Arman Vahanyan (Armenia)

Special Prize by “Russian Scientific and Cultural Center”
Svetlana Ryabova (Russia)

Congratulations to all winning artists and thanks to all artists participating in this contest who made this event a true artistic international dialogue for printmakers from around the world. All winning artists will also be informed individually about their prize.

All visitors, guests and artists are invited to see the art works of the contest’s exhibition at the “HayArt” Cultural center in Yerevan, Armenia, until November 7th, 2019.

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